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Sleeping Fox Milio - Blue-green stars

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Novelty! Now includes a storage bag for your sleeping animal, perfect if you want to take your safe friend with you when you are traveling ♥

Compact stuffing to retain its shape and function
Storage bag included
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With its soft cotton body, sleeping fox Milio becomes a cozy friend in your child's bed and is perfect to have in the crib when you are going to change from a baby nest. The sleeping animal makes sure that small arms and legs stay on the inside of the slats and makes the crib more snug and safe for small children. The sleeping animal also sleeps well in the growing bed and likes to play in the playroom when the child gets a little bigger.

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Description - Sleeping Fox Milio


About 3.6 m long and about 38 cm round - Reaches around the entire crib for a cozier and safer sleeping time for your child. Also works well in a bigger bed.


Make your sleepy animal more personal - choose to have your name, date of birth, baptism date, etc. printed on your sleepy animal.


All fabrics I use are pure oeko-tex certified cotton fabrics unless otherwise stated. To maintain its shape and function, my sleeping animals are very well padded with 100% oeko-tex certified polyester, free from substances that are dangerous to skin and health. Eyes and possible nose are prints of non-toxic textile vinyl.

Washing instructions

Polyester stuffing:
Wash in a washing machine, if necessary. My recommendations are 30 degree delicate wash with low spin and dryer on low heat. It is also good to plant dry at room temperature.

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Ships within 2-5 working days.


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