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NEW Babynest - Lint, polyester padding

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New! A storage bag for your baby nest is now included! ♥

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 Extra high and stable edges for the child's safety
 Easily adjust the size of the baby nest as your baby grows
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In a baby nest, your baby sleeps safely and securely. I sew my babynest with a removable mattress for easier washing and make the edges extra wide and high so that your child does not roll out of it. A baby nest is also very important when sleeping together and the extra wide and high edges significantly minimize the risk of you rolling over your baby at night. They are sewn with a slightly lower edge at the head end so that the baby can regulate the heat better.

As your baby grows, you can also adjust the size of the baby nest and thanks to the high and stable edges, the nest is still a good support when the baby gets a little bigger and starts to move.

Baby nest Boo is sewn in a light gray, soft linen fabric on the outside and an even softer white cotton fabric on the inside to give your baby a soft and comfortable sleep. Bed area: 30x60cm

The price includes a 2 cm thick mattress, a thin pillow that is also used as a vomit protection and a storage bag that you can pack your baby nest in when you are traveling.

For more information, see further down the page.

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Description - Light gray babynest Lo

Material - Light gray babynest Lo

All interior fabrics I use are pure oeko-tex certified cotton fabrics unless otherwise stated. The outside of this baby nest is a 100% pure linen fabric in natural fiber, which gives a fantastic structure and stability on the edges.

För att behålla sin form och funktion så är detta babynest stoppat med 100% oeko-tex certifierad polyester, fri från ämnen som är farliga för hud och hälsa. Madrassen är även den oeko-tex certifierad.

Washing instructions

Polyester stuffing:
My baby nests can be washed in a washing machine at 40 degrees and with low spin. Take the mattress out of the baby nest and wash it separately. Make sure that the string that pulls the nest together is really stretched and then tie a bow so that the string does not disappear into the nest. Do not tumble dry.

Delivery time

Ships within 1-5 working days.

Other information

For safety reasons, I do not sew handles on my baby nest. Always place your child's feet against the bow so that the child does not have access to the strings and lace stops.

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