Gullemig has both practical and cozy products for you and your child. See my products and be inspired:


Baby Nest

In a babynest, your child sleeps safely and securely for the early period of their life. I sew my babynest with a removable mattress for easier washing and make the edges extra wide and high so that your child does not roll out of it.


Changing mat

Changing mat that keeps your mattress and fabric fresh. Can also be used in the changing bag for a more pleasant visit to public changing tables, or really anywhere. Made of cotton and plastic terrycloth to prevent leakage.

Bäddset till spjälsäng

Bed set

The bed set in wonderful colors and patterns to embed our little ones. If you choose a muslin set, the child will have a soft experience. The more you wash the bed set, the softer it becomes.

Filtar och snuttefiltar


At Gullemig you will find a large selection of blankets in different colors, patterns and designs. There is something for everyone.


Sleepy animals

With its soft cotton body, the sleepy animal becomes a cozy friend in your child's bed and is perfect to have in the cot when you have to change from a baby nest. The sleepy animal makes sure that small arms and legs stay on the inside of the slats.


Baby Wrap

According to recommendations, children should not go in a car seat with thick winter clothes on - a baby wrap is perfect to wrap your child in and you avoid blankets that fall on the ground. A cozy and warm blanket when the cold hits.


Tubis for stroller

A Tubis makes it both cozy in the stroller while providing support. There is a large selection of patterns and colors of fabric to choose from, and of course you get help finding something for you!

Mössor och halsdukar

Hats and scarfs

Cozy hats and scarves for the little ones. At Gullemig, you can choose name printing as an option on hats and you choose if you want an unlined or lined hat with 100% pure cotton fleece.